Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience North America Conference

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New Orleans, USA

April 6-8, 2022


Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience North
America will bring together leading stakeholders from
industry, operators, agencies and governments to debate
and collaborate on securing America’s critical infrastructure.
Leading the debate for securing America’s critical infrastructure

Register online at www.ciprna-expo.com.

The conference features many, distinguished speakers in this arena. For a list of speakers see https://www.ciprna-expo.com/conference/speakers/.

TIEMS-USA Members will be sent a discount code for 25% off the registration fee.

TIEMS-USA Art Auction

In 2022, TIEMS-USA is responsible for hosting the Annual Conference for TIEMS. This meeting brings together interested parties from all over the globe. To help us fund this conference we are sponsoring a benefit virtual art auction now live at https://live.phiauctions.com/auctions/4-4Y6DMI/life-is-beautiful-part-i?limit=48. Please support our conference by visiting the auction. There are some works by famous artists at very reasonable prices.

Omicron Spike

The number of people infected with the Omicron variant of COVID-19 is increasing at a rate that we have not seen before. The NY Times has created and updates a database of vital statistics related to the COVID-19 pandemic and makes this data available to the public. Their latest graphs are available on their news site. They also make this data available for free, non-commercial use subject to their license. Below we display two graphs made from their data.

The first graph shows how many total cases have been officially reported. This number is undoubtedly an undercount since there are asymptomatic people and people with mild symptoms who would not be counted in such a survey. Two things to note here are:

  • the “official count” will soon exceed 60 million people
  • there is a very worrisome increase in the slope of the curve because of the increased infectiousness of Omicron.
The Total Number of Reported COVID-19 Cases through January 2, 2022

The second graph shows the number of deaths attributed to COVID-19. The number as of January 2, 2022, is about 820,000 people. Typically deaths lag infections by several weeks and we can only hope that Omicron will not be as deadly as earlier variants because if the death rate follows the infection curve, there will be very many additional deaths.

The Total Number of Deaths Attributed to COVID-19 through
January 2, 2022

Colorado Urban Fire, December 2021

From Wikipedia: On December 30, 2021, shortly before 10:30 a.m. MST, grass fires broke out in Boulder County, Colorado, United States. Two fires were named by local fire authorities as the Marshall Fire and the Middle Fork Fire.

Large plumes of smoke are visible over Superior around 2:00 PM MST on December 30. View from State Highway 128, looking north.

The causes of the fires are still under investigation, but the fires, once started, were spread widely by very strong winds. The stage was set by the extremely dry conditions experienced by that region of Colorado.

Tornadoes, December 2021

Radar collage of a supercell that spawned a tornado familey during the outbreak. For more details click here.

December 2021 was a bad month for tornadoes. One particularly destructive group of tornadoes materialized on December 10, 2021, and made its way across a number of states, but causing most of its destruction in Kentucky. The image above shows the long track that the tornadoes took. To learn more about this series of tornadoes and about tornadoes in general, please consult 2021 Western Kentucky Tornado and Tornadoes in general.

This photo shows an aerial view of the city of Mayfield, Kentucky, on December 12. The photo comes from  https://www.flickr.com/photos/statefarm/51742138607/