Welcome to the USA Chapter of The International Emergency Management Society (TIEMS). TIEMS was established in 1993 in Washington DC and provides a platform for all stakeholders within the global emergency and disaster management community to meet, network, and learn about best practices as well as new technical and operational methodologies. In 2013, TIEMS sponsored conferences in thirteen different countries, attended by members from more than 30 countries throughout the world. While the US emergency management community has been an important part of TIEMS since its inception, the goal of the TIEMS USA Chapter is to better connect the US and global communities. By drawing on the vast experience, knowledge, and expertise of all nations, TIEMS works to improve the global community’s ability to avoid, mitigate, respond to, and recover from natural and man-made disasters. While shared international experience benefits the preparedness of all nations, TIEMS-USA particularly seeks to apply this experience to the benefit of the people of the USA. Please explore this website to learn more about our organization and our parent organization TIEMS.

We are planning many exciting activities for 2022. We will be running a photo contest focusing on themes related to emergency management and disasters. Details will be available soon. TIEMS-USA members get discounted entry fees for this contest. We will also be running an art auction as well to raise money to support the annual conference that we are planning.

In 2022, TIEMS-USA will be hosting the Annual Conference of TIEMS. We will have more details about this meeting soon. TIEMS-USA members will receive a discount for registration at the 2022 Annual Conference.